Creative Wedding Photography

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Creative Wedding Photography

2015 has been a busy year and we're not even into springtime yet.

So what have I been up to?

First I decided to upgrade my camera lenses to complete my line-up of the very best lenses which money can buy, for my faithful Nikon D700 camera. I also bought a second D700 camera as a backup. This little lot all required a new carry case and a twin shoulder strap to enable me to wear two cameras at once, talk about making life difficult for myself.  Still on the list, is another flashgun and oh! did I mention, I want another camera!

I was going to go for the new Nikon D810 at 36.3 megapixels however, at that price, I've decided that since I have no need to produce 6ft x 3ft prints, that camera is rather an overkill and the image files are massive so, I think it's going to be the Nikon D750 at a modest 24 megapixels, then of course, I'll want two of them ... need to increase prices I think! (just kidding).

Update 4th April 2015: Happy to report I've now ordered the new Nikon D750 and I'm like a kid waiting for Santa, it arrives on Tuesday 7th April

Well, it's now 1st November and I've had the chance to use the new camera many times. WOW is an understatement, this Nikon D750 is absolutely spectacular and enables me to do so much more, in fact, I don't know how I managed before acquiring this amazing camera.



I just remembered, I called this post, Creative Wedding Photography well, between the new lenses and the new cameras, creativity is something I can never blame the equipment for, should I fail to produce amazing images.


This is one I took last week, which I quite like. As always with a bit more time, space and thought, it could have been better but, I wanted to catch that fleeting expression and in that respect, I'm very happy with this image.


affordable wedding photography edinburgh glasgow scotlandAffordable wedding photography Edinburgh Glasgow ScotlandAffordable wedding photography Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland


What your reading on this new website is the culmination of two weeks work, no not this post, the actual website. This is one of 5 which I tried out during a 10-day period and I finally decided on this one because I like the simple home page layout and the total flexibility to change anything I want.
I can now offer "do-it-yourself" albums where my clients can design and produce their own photo books with 20 to 60 pages, laid out any way they choose.  I still have lots to do on Search Engine Optimisation so I'm still running my original website domain ( bolster this one (hopefully).
Anyway, that's about it for this post, no doubt I'll find something to get my teeth into for the next two weeks, like fine-tuning the focus on all my lenses, for each camera, I've been putting that one off until tomorrow, for a while now.
Scot Wed Photos offer wedding photography at affordable prices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland. There are no travel charges and no hourly rates, the price you see is the price you pay. Apart from hundreds of top quality photographs, capturing the events of your wedding day, you also receive a fantastic slide show which re-lives your entire day. There's also a facility on this website to create and have printed, your own Wedding Album, available from your online gallery.


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